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The Story Of Nyalic ®


We’re a small company with a big idea: a clear, permanent protectant that prevents rust and corrosion from robbing the life and value of your equipment. It wasn’t an overnight idea. Over 50 years ago, we traveled to the moon and back to perfect our formulation. As part of the Apollo space program, Nyalic was the only product proven to protect in the most extreme conditions. 


Today, our proprietary, high-performance formulation protects critical equipment here on earth from agriculture to construction, transportation to marine and much more. We can help protect your corner of the universe too.


Our Secret Formula is Your Secret Weapon


Nyalic is not a paint or temporary coating. It bonds to exterior surfaces as well as critical internal components forming a clear, permanent seal. Under the hood, Nyalic performs like a conformal coating, yet is ultra-thin, allowing heat to escape so sensitive electrical and mechanical components remain cool. Our unique formulation is exceptionally durable and won’t yellow, crack, peel or flake. It’s easy to apply and delivers professional results. 


Whether it’s the unforgiving fields of America’s heartland, the rugged waters off the New Zealand coast or the corrosive salt mines of the Mississippi River Valley, where working conditions get tough, Nyalic gets to work. With Nyalic, you can avoid crippling downtime, reduce maintenance costs and protect your investment, season after season.


Put Nyalic To Work For You

Nyalic is fit for your operation, regardless of size. Our convenient aerosol cans are perfect for smaller equipment like mowers and all-terrain vehicles as well as field repair and touch-ups. For larger equipment like tractors, skid steers, dozers and sprayers, we offer complete Do-It-Yourself kits. For fleets, larger jobs, or on-site applications, we can have one of our professional applicators come to you. Just call us at (706) 253-1920 or email [email protected] today.