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Uses for Nyalic ATV Kit:    

Use Nyalic to restore faded, oxidized surfaces including painted, fiberglass and bare metal surfaces. Nyalic is used to protect bare metal connectors, fittings and hardware, painted components, electrical connections & wiring harnesses (seals out moisture and corrosion), frame suspension, drive train and mechanical connections, floor pans and engine bays. Nyalic protects wheels, chrome parts, bright work, stainless steel, nickel, copper, magnesium, brass and rubber hoses.


Nyalic restores paint gloss and protects surfaces from further oxidation.


Nyalic’s ATV Kit includes complete instructions and everything that you need to achieve professional results.        


Order the ATV kit below


Individual cans if that better suits your project needs!

NOTE: Nyalic aerosol cans are available for field touch-up of damaged coated surfaces.

Polaris Ranger Color Restoration + Rust Protection

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Nyalic® ATV KIT is designed for color restoration & surface protection for ATV's, up to 300 sf coverage. 4 Nyalic aerosols, 1 qt Simple Prep™ degreaser, 1 qt Right Rinse™ cleanser, 3 Tuff Prep™ 4oz bottles, 2 scrub pads, and hand brush. ATV-KT4A
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Nyalic® Quart – 32 oz
Nyalic® Quart – 32 oz Covers up to 300 sf
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HBI 310 - Nyalic® Wrap - 5 pack (roll)
Nyalic® Wrap - 5 pack (5 rolls)
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Nyalic® 12-oz Aerosol can
Nyalic® 12-oz Aerosol can - covers up to 95sf
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12oz Aerosol Can - 2PAK
2 Nyalic® 12-oz Aerosol cans - covers up to 190sf
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12oz Aerosol Can - 3PAK
3 Nyalic® 12-oz Aerosol cans - covers up to 285sf
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Simple Prep™ Quart – 32 oz
Simple Prep™ Quart – 32 oz Environmentally friendly degreasing cleaner
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Right Rinse™ Quart – 32 oz
Right Rinse™ Quart – 32 oz – Concentrated Cleaner
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