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Electrical Panels

Corrosion alone accounts for approximately 40% of all equipment failures in industrial facilities. Facilities located in potentially corrosive environments such as seacoasts, industrial sites, farms and many other areas and environments are exposed to various threats of salt, fertilizer, urea and gases and water vapor as a result of high relative humidity.

Furthermore, industry reports indicate that 50% to 60% of electrical downtime can be attributed to open or intermittent connections. Harsh industrial environments increase the risk of corrosion and chemical attack on metals used in wire terminal connections and wiring harnesses, potentially affecting electrical reliability. Intermittent wire connections are costly and time consuming problems that are unacceptable. Wet, dirty, and dusty electrical and electronic components are at an increased risk of corrosion or chemical attack on equipment.

Bare metals, electrical connections and electronic devices must be adequately protected against corrosive atmospheres and chemical attack to ensure both good mechanical and electrical performance. In most cases, a conformal coating is applied to circuit boards and connections or a dielectric grease is applied to battery terminals and wiring connections. In too many instances, these applications are not sufficient to reduce the failures caused by corrosion.

Nyalic® is used to coat electrical and electronic connections, pc boards, battery terminals and other types of connections on boats and ships, on AG & construction equipment, inside panels, in engine compartments, anywhere that corrosive elements and moisture can cause electrical component failure.

While not a conformal coating by the strictest definition (Nyalic provides protection with film builds of 5µm – 10µm vs. the usual 25µm – 250µm), Nyalic has proven to be an effective alternative for coating sensitive electrical and electronic connections and boards. A significant reduction in downtime caused by electrical failures has been noted in equipment used in highly corrosive environments containing such contaminants as salt, urea and fertilizer. Nyalic is applied to wiring harnesses, and there are no adverse effects to the insulation. 

Nyalic is a self-annealing product. This characteristic is extremely beneficial when working on or changing out components. Conclude your work, clean the area and use a Nyalic aerosol can to apply more Nyalic to the area. The Nyalic adheres to the existing Nyalic coating.

Protect your electrical and electronic components and connections with Nyalic.

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Nyalic® Quart – 32 oz
Nyalic® Quart – 32 oz Covers up to 300 sf
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Nyalic® 12-oz Aerosol can
Nyalic® 12-oz Aerosol can - covers up to 95sf
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12oz Aerosol Can - 2PAK
2 Nyalic® 12-oz Aerosol cans - covers up to 190sf
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12oz Aerosol Can - 3PAK
3 Nyalic® 12-oz Aerosol cans - covers up to 285sf
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Simple Prep™ Quart – 32 oz
Simple Prep™ Quart – 32 oz Environmentally friendly degreasing cleaner
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Right Rinse™ Quart – 32 oz
Right Rinse™ Quart – 32 oz – Concentrated Cleaner
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Tuff Prep™ (gel) - 3.5 lb Jar
Tuff Prep™ (gel) - 3.5 lb Jar - Mild abrasive gel to remove oxidation
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