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Commercial Trailers

Coating large commercial polished aluminum trailers and tankers with Nyalic® is not difficult, but it does require a certain level of expertise and the proper facilities. A professional prep process for coating these large units oftentimes requires the use of an acid wash. Different types of acids can be used, and the results are affected by surface dwell time. A proper rinse, neutralizing of the surface and drying are a necessity. The proper facilities needed include a paint booth in order to reach and control the proper temperatures. As you can see, the results are quite impressive.

Here at Nyalic, we are very pleased to recommend our Licensed Applicator, McCoys Collision & Detailing in St. Louis, MO for all of our polished aluminum trailer and tanker applications. Charly and his team have been coating polished trailers and tankers for many years. Their customer list includes many individual operators and several of the trailer and tanker manufacturers. Please give Charly a call to discuss having your polished trailer or tanker coated with Nyalic.

McCoys Collision & Detailing
5216 Hall St
St. Louis, MO 63147-2919

Of course, painted trailers and tankers can be coated too as evidenced by this picture of a tanker that hauls acid.

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Nyalic® Quart – 32 oz
Nyalic® Quart – 32 oz Covers up to 300 sf
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HBI 310 - Nyalic® Wrap - 5 pack (roll)
Nyalic® Wrap - 5 pack (5 rolls)
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Nyalic® 12-oz Aerosol can
Nyalic® 12-oz Aerosol can - covers up to 95sf
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12oz Aerosol Can - 2PAK
2 Nyalic® 12-oz Aerosol cans - covers up to 190sf
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12oz Aerosol Can - 3PAK
3 Nyalic® 12-oz Aerosol cans - covers up to 285sf
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Simple Prep™ Quart – 32 oz
Simple Prep™ Quart – 32 oz Environmentally friendly degreasing cleaner
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Right Rinse™ Quart – 32 oz
Right Rinse™ Quart – 32 oz – Concentrated Cleaner
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Tuff Prep™ (gel) - 3.5 lb Jar
Tuff Prep™ (gel) - 3.5 lb Jar - Mild abrasive gel to remove oxidation
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