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Connectors and fittings are used in corrosive environments. Without any protection, these connectors and fittings are very susceptible to corrosion. A common means to protect these surfaces is to coat them with a layer of zinc, for example, by a galvanizing the surface. The galvanizing shields the steel surface from direct contact with the surrounding environment, and it acts as a sacrificial anode. However, eventually even galvanized surfaces can corrode enough to expose the base material to the surrounding environment. Additionally, galvanized surfaces exposed to products with a high pH levels, such as degreasers, and impurities in the water will cause the surface to corrode. Therefore, the zinc layer itself is usually protected by a second layer.

Nyalic® is an ultra-thin proprietary formulation of polymeric resins. It is a clear coating that protects against chemical and environmental corrosion on ferrous and non-ferrous metals, galvanized, anodized and painted surfaces. Designed to withstand extreme temperatures and UV rays, this surface protectant is ideal for highly moist or corrosive environments.

Nyalic is easy to repair in the field. Should any Nyalic-coated connectors or fittings become damaged, simply clean the area and reapply more Nyalic product using a Nyalic aerosol can.

Nyalic is thermally stable to 350°F and is used in engine compartments.

Use Nyalic to top coat all types of fasteners and fittings and protect them from corrosion.

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Nyalic® Quart – 32 oz
Nyalic® Quart – 32 oz Covers up to 300 sf
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Nyalic® 12-oz Aerosol can
Nyalic® 12-oz Aerosol can - covers up to 95sf
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12oz Aerosol Can - 2PAK
2 Nyalic® 12-oz Aerosol cans - covers up to 190sf
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12oz Aerosol Can - 3PAK
3 Nyalic® 12-oz Aerosol cans - covers up to 285sf
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Simple Prep™ Quart – 32 oz
Simple Prep™ Quart – 32 oz Environmentally friendly degreasing cleaner
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Right Rinse™ Quart – 32 oz
Right Rinse™ Quart – 32 oz – Concentrated Cleaner
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Tuff Prep™ (gel) - 3.5 lb Jar
Tuff Prep™ (gel) - 3.5 lb Jar - Mild abrasive gel to remove oxidation
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