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Nyalic® FAQ's

What is Nyalic?

Nyalic is a clear, permanent protectant that prevents rust and corrosion from robbing the life and value of your equipment – from agriculture to construction, transportation to marine and more.

Nyalic is not a paint or temporary coating. It bonds to exterior surfaces as well as critical internal components forming a clear, permanent seal. Under the hood, Nyalic performs like a conformal coating, yet is ultra-thin, allowing heat to escape so sensitive electrical and mechanical components remain cool. Our unique formulation is exceptionally durable and won't yellow, crack, peel or flake. It's easy to apply and delivers professional results.

What types of surfaces can be coated with Nyalic?

Nyalic can be applied to bare ferrous and non-ferrous metals, polished metal, painted surfaces and fiberglass. Please note, we do not recommend using Nyalic on glass or mirrors.

Nyalic can also be applied to internal components such as engines, radiators, electrical connections and wiring harnesses.

Finally, Nyalic can also be coated over decals, but we strongly advise you test a small area to make sure that the solvent carrier in Nyalic doesn't make the ink run.

Does Nyalic provide UV protection?

Even though Nyalic is clear, the formulation does resist UV.

Has Nyalic passed any ASTM standard testing?

Yes. Nyalic has passed basic ASTM tests. A copy of the test results is available upon request. Please email us at [email protected] or call us at (706) 253-1920.

How is Nyalic applied?

Unlike some epoxies and polyurethanes, Nyalic does not require mixing, stirring or thinning before application. It can be sprayed, applied with a poly foam roller/brush or with a white lint-free cloth. Our Nyalic techs prefer using HVLP spray guns with a 1.0 needle tip.

If you are using one of our Do-It-Yourself kits, you will receive detailed prep and application instructions with your order. If you've lost your application instructions, you can find them here.

What prep work should I do before Nyalic application?

Any surface that will be coated with Nyalic must be free and clear of all types of surface contamination. A good test is to spray water on the surface. If the water sheets off, then the surface is clean. Any other results indicate more cleaning is required.

Our Do-It-Yourself kits include the necessary cleaning and prep ingredients along with detailed instructions.

What do I do if I have application questions or concerns?

Please call Nyalic at (706) 253-1920 with questions and problem-solving assistance.

How long does it take Nyalic to cure?

Nyalic will dry to the touch in about 20 minutes when applied at ambient temperatures approximately 70°F (21.1°C). We encourage applicators to wait at least 48 hours before placing a Nyalic-coated surface in service. It will take 30 days for Nyalic to take on all its characteristics, but a coated surface can be used before this happens.

What is the shelf life of Nyalic?

The shelf life is unlimited as long as any unused portion is kept in the can and sealed tightly.

How long will a Nyalic coating last?

On average, a typical Nyalic application will last three years. However, depending on the surface coated, the prep process used and the level of maintenance the coating gets, Nyalic has shown good adherence for up to 10 years and will retain its shine.

How do you maintain a Nyalic coating?

Periodic washing of a Nyalic-coated surface will help prolong the life of the coating. Also, use Nyalic aerosols to repair and touch-up any damaged areas.

  • Use solvent-based or abrasive cleaners on a Nyalic-coated surface
  • Polish, wax or buff a Nyalic-coated surface – this may dull or damage the finish

How can I remove Nyalic?

Acetone or xylene with a white cloth and lots of elbow grease, media blasting or Sea-2-Sky 203 will remove a Nyalic.

Where can I purchase Nyalic products?

You can purchase our products and kits directly from our website by clicking here.

For fleets, larger jobs or on-site applications, we can have one of our professional technicians come to you. Just call us at (706) 253-1920 or email [email protected].

How do I get SDS forms for Nyalic products?

If you need SDS forms for any Nyalic product, please email us at [email protected] or call (706) 253-1920.

How do I get a Technical Data sheet for Nyalic products?

If you need a Technical Data sheet for Nyalic products, please click here.