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Nyalic® is used on heat pumps, A/C units, air handlers, refrigeration and HVAC units to protect against corrosion. Nyalic applicationson this type of equipment are typically made on units used in corrosive areas such as on boats and ships, mining areas, coastal regions and any other places that are susceptible to corrosion. Nyalic is applied to protect both the interior of units, including coils, electrical and electronic components and fins and the exterior of the cabinet.

Nyalic works by forming a strong mechanical bond to a clean surface and encapsulating that surface, thereby providing protection from airborne contaminates, such as salt, fertilizer, urea and the like. Nyalic is simple to use, but the key to a successful application is proper surface preparation.

A single coat of Nyalic is applied in most instances. Independent testing reveals that there is no difference in heat transfer properties on coils with a single coat of Nyalic (5 microns DFT).

Why use Nyalic? Nyalic protects internal electrical and electronics and bare metal areas and components from all types of corrosive elements, especially salt. Corrosion and atmospheric fallout is aggressive in coastal regions, and using Nyalic can forestall the possible early onset of corrosion to important parts that are uncoated at the factory, components that could otherwise be liable to suffer early failure in harsh conditions.

Factory installed corrosion treatments can include coil treatments consisting of layers of chromate, silicate and resins, treating steel panels with zinc and corrosion resistant paint, coating circuit boards with silicon or a conformal coating and treating the bases with coatings containing varying percentages of zinc, aluminum and magnesium. While all of these treatments work to some extent, Nyalic can be applied over all of these components to gain added protection. Nyalic can be applied over the top of all of these treatments with the exception of silicon.

Nyalic is a recommended product for heat pumps and A/C units manufactured by such manufacturers as Mitsubishi, Fujitsu and Toshiba. The Nyalic is applied by dealers and installers prior to the units being installed in the field.

Nyalic is applied to all accessible interior surfaces, including all electrical terminals, electronic components and pc boards, coils, etc. Once the Nyalic is dry, technicians reinstall the panels and coat all fasteners with Nyalic.

It takes less than one 12-ounce aerosol can of Nyalic to completely coat the internals of a 4Kw external heat pump unit. From surface prep to Nyalic application, the total wok time is approximately 40 minutes. The unit can be reassembled approximately 20 minutes later depending on ambient conditions.

Nyalic is used to rejuvenate the exterior color and look of older units that have oxidized and faded.

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