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What is Nyalic®?

Nyalic is a nylonic, crystal clear polymeric resin coating that provides years of protection against chemical, environmental, and ultraviolet corrosion on metals, galvanized, anodized, powder coated and painted surfaces.  Essentially, Nyalic protects any metal or painted surface.  Nyalic provides protection from acid rain, road salts and chemicals, acids, bleaches, ammonia, chlorine, fertilizers, urea, dry cement, potash, astringent, and other corrosion-causing chemicals.

Nyalic is unique and different from other clear coats in several ways.  Nyalic is flexible up to 180 degrees, it is UV resistant, it doesn’t need polishing or buffing, and it will not flake, crack, peel, yellow or lift.

Here at Nyalic, we offer a variety of services. We offer our Nyalic clear coat in quart cans and 12 oz. aerosol cans.  Our cleaning products are Simple Prep, which is a degreaser, and Right Rinse, which is a neutralizing cleanser.  Additionally, we offer Tuff Prep that helps remove oxidized paint from surfaces.  If you are looking to apply Nyalic on a piece of equipment, a boat, or a vehicle and have determined to do the work yourself, we have pre-assembled kits designed to fit the size of your project. If you don’t see the kit on our website or would like help to determine exactly what you need for your project, please give us a call.

If coating isn’t your thing but you need your piece of equipment, boat, or vehicle coated with Nyalic, we can help you there.  Contact us for a quote or to find an applicator near you. 

One thing we pride ourselves on at Nyalic is relentless, exceptional customer service.  If you ever have any questions about our product or service, feel free to give us a call at 770-690-1480 or email us at sales@nyalic.com.  

Nyalic® is manufactured 100% in the U.S.A