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WHEEL LOADER KIT (up to 14,300 lbs. operating weight)


WHEEL LOADER KIT (up to 14,300 lbs. operating weight)

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Nyalic protection for Wheel Loaders operating in Corrosive Chemicals, up to 1,200 sq coverage. Includes: 4 qts Nyalic, 3 Nyalic aerosols, 2 qts Simple Prep (degreaser), 1qt Right Rinse cleaner, 3 scrub pads, and hand brush. AG-CNSTR-WL4
Part Number: AG-CNSTR-WL4
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Nyalic Corrosive Chemical Protection Kit for Wheel Loaders with Operating Weights up to 14,300 pounds.

When applied and maintained as directed, this kit is designed to protect new equipment surfaces against bare metal oxidation, paint oxidation and stains caused by harsh weather, fertilizers, urea, potash, salt and other corrosive chemicals.

Covers up to 1,200 ft² sprayed. Apply the corrosion inhibitor coating to bare metal surfaces, painted surfaces, fiberglass, electrical and mechanical connections, radiators, inner coolers, engine compartments and electrical panels.

Contains: 4 qts Nyalic, 3 Nyalic aerosols, 2 qts Simple Prep™ degreaser, 1 qt Right Rinse™ cleanser, 3 scrubs pads, hand brush, and instructions.

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