The marketing folks call it “brand image.” For a lot of U.S. companies, it becomes a competitive edge by communicating a level of quality that rises above the competition. One of those companies that has always paid attention to the quality image it displays is the Coca-Cola® Company.

Not far from our headquarters in Jasper, Georgia is a Coca-Cola distributor. Outside their facility is a classic old Coke sign made of stainless steel letters with a painted steel background. And at a separate location there is a large fleet of red service vans that spend their days out in the Georgia sunlight.

You may know that red is one of the colors that is most susceptible to fading and damage from sunlight. Over time, the Coke sign and the service van showed all the effects of just such damage.

Repainting the typical van would cost them roughly $7000 per van. But we offered them an equally effective and far less costly solution. For approximately $1000 we could spray each van with Nyalic® clear surface protectant and make them look like new. Or for about $300, they could buy the materials needed to clean, rinse and coat the vans with Nyalic clearcoat and do the work themselves.

The pictures here show the dramatic before and after results. Not only will Nyalic save them roughly $6000 per vehicle, it results in a quality impression that’s worth even more. Nyalic changes the refraction of light on the surface it covers, so it brings back the color and leaves a gleaming, shiny appearance that lasts for years without waxing or polishing. And it provides a barrier to ultra-violet light that will never yellow, crack, chip or peel.

And that classic Coca-Cola sign? We restored not only the red background, but also the stainless steel lettering. Having it look like new again thrilled not only the facility manager, but let every employee stand a little prouder.

What does your equipment say about your commitment to quality?

Talk to us today to see how Nyalic clear surface protectant can improve your brand image, while saving you money.