Nyalic® Architectural Restoration and Best Clear Coat for Metal

A Nyalic application restores and protects any metal surface including aluminum, brass, bronze, copper and stainless steel. A Nyalic-coated surface reduces maintenance, corrosion, tea staining, white rust and oxidation by providing envelope protection.

best clear coat for metal
Protects All Metal and Painted Surfaces from Corrosion & Oxidation
best clear coat for metal
Rejuvenates & Preserves A Like-New Appearance
enhances metal surfaces
Nyalic-Coated Surfaces Last for Years

Nyalic is a thin-film polymeric resin. It is used on all types of architectural surfaces exposed to highly corrosive seacoast environments and high UV zones. It is applied directly to decorative metalwork, both interior and exterior. Nyalic minimizes fingerprints, stains, damage from bird droppings and provides a barrier to graffiti. Nyalic’s moisture barrier is used to protect water features.

The best clear coat for metal is used to restore and refurbish weathered architectural surfaces. Nyalic’s smooth, clear finish seals the pores of the surface. Painted surfaces retain their crisp look and will not oxidize, stain or yellow. The product is extremely flexible and expands and contracts with the host substrate, so it will not chip, crack or peel.

In addition, Nyalic’s water-clear, thin film tends to enhance the look of the underlying surface, whether a matte finish or highly polished. Nyalic has long-term sustainability, and Nyalic aerosols are great for touch up work and field repairs.

Nyalic’s non-yellowing coating protects high-value sculptures, fine museum pieces, ironwork, monuments, plaques and other decorative items for years. Nyalic is self-leveling and self-annealing making repairs easy and seamless with a Nyalic aerosol can.

Products [9]

Take Care of It Kit
Nyalic Take Care of It Kit for New Customers. MTN-KT1
Take Care of It Kit Re-fill
MTN-KT2 Take Care of It Kit Re-fill - For maintaining your Nyalic coating. MTN-KT2
Nyalic Quart – 32 oz
Nyalic Quart – 32 oz Covers up to 300 sf
Nyalic 12-oz Aerosol can
Nyalic 12-oz Aerosol can - covers up to 95sf
12oz Aerosol Can - 2PAK
2 Nyalic 12-oz Aerosol cans - covers up to 190sf
12oz Aerosol Can - 3PAK
3 Nyalic 12-oz Aerosol cans - covers up to 285sf
Simple Prep™ Quart – 32 oz
Simple Prep™ Quart – 32 oz Environmentally friendly degreasing cleaner
Right Rinse™ Quart – 32 oz
Right Rinse™ Quart – 32 oz – Concentrated Cleaner
Tuff Prep™ (gel) - 3.5 lb Jar
Tuff Prep™ (gel) - 3.5 lb Jar - Mild abrasive gel to remove oxidation