How to apply Nyalic with an aerosol can

Easy-to-use clear-coat spray that provides corrosion and rust protection against fertilizer, salt, urea,
phosphate, ammonia, potash, lime, acids, animal manure and urine, saltwater and other corrosive chemicals.

How to apply Nyalic

Step One

Prep the surface by removing loose rust, paint, wax, silicone, grease, and oils. For best preparation results use Simple Prep™, Right Rinse™, Tuff Prep.

Step Two

Wash and rinse the surface thoroughly. Before you are able to apply Nyalic the surface needs to be completely dry and free of any moisture.

Step three

When ready to apply, hold the can 6 to 8" inches away from the surface (red nib on the blue actuator can be rotated 90° to get a horizontal or vertical spray pattern) and apply a single coat that thoroughly wets the surface. Spray with smooth, even overlapping strokes.

Step four

If Nyalic runs or sags when wet, use a plain white paper towel and wipe through the area and spray again.

Step Five

Nyalic dries to the touch in 20 minutes depending on temperature and humidity.
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How to apply Nyalic kits

To get the best results with our kits, it's important to know how to apply Nyalic properly. Our downloadable
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