Last May, I installed a set of beautiful, brand new and shiny Kahlenberg D-2 horns on my houseboat. After just a couple of rain showers, the next trip back to the boat they looked terrible. It was so bad that at first I thought a chemical had been sprayed on the horns.  Nope, just some rain.

After a phone call to the Kahlenberg factory, I was told that new horns are not sealed and that I should try Nyalic. Would be nice to know this info before installation!! So I polished them up with a brass cleaner, treated them with 2 coats of Nyalic, and now, months later they still look amazing. They stay shiny like they are waxed!

I have not, and don't need to climb out on the top deck to shine them up!!! So now, I love my Kahlenberg's (again) and really love Nyalic. Thanks for the great product! 

                                                            A Very Happy Customer,

                                                                        Scott B.