All a matter of Chemistry...

Hopkins Architects London had been planning an important project for a major UK shopping chain with a view to using a clear coat capsule coat. Having found Nyalic, discussions led to test material being forwarded to the UK.

The specification was to provide a 10-year life span coating that was acceptable to the client and appropriate for a finish with a look of industrial simplicity.

The client requested a classic easy clean image. The individually cast panels were bead blasted to give a matched and even patina. This was then further chemically treated prior to coating with Nyalic clear coat.

Specific Prohesion testing was carried out to British industry standards, then retested again using the same samples to provide the client with the confidence to use the Nyalic system.

Nyalic was chosen for ‘the look’ it gave the panels, the long service life and most importantly the ability to be easily maintained in the field. The Nyalic process surpassed the client expectations with the standard of finish.

Hopkins Architects have again recommended Nyalic's clear coat as the finish for this major project for Princeton University in New York USA.