On October 19, 2011, two John Deere 444K wheel loaders were coated with Nyalic® Clearcoat at Murphy Tractor in Kansas City, Missouri. The entire machine was coated, inside and out, including all electrical components. Over the past 5+ years, these loaders have been used in snow removal in and around the Kansas City Airport. Snow removal is harsh on the equipment due to the salt used as a melting agent. 

Typically, with machines this age and in this environment, you would expect to see extensive corrosion on leading edges, hydraulic fittings, nuts, bolts, and other non-painted components.  These machines also typically experience occasional downtime due to corrosion related part failure and electrical issues. All of these issues have been minimized drastically due to the Nyalic protective coating.

 “Uncoated, these wheels would be falling apart.”

- Jim L.   Kansas City, MO

After almost 6 years, these machines continue to perform like new in this harsh environment. Not only has the coating greatly reduced downtime, but it also has reduced maintenance time as the sensitive electrical components have been protected from problems.