The local Komatsu dealer in St. Louis, MO requested our application team to coat a new Komatsu PC800 Material Handler with Nyalic. The Komatsu customer, one of the largest fertilizer distribution points on the Mississippi River, needed help protecting and preserving their huge new investment. This river terminal is an incredibly harsh environment, unprotected from the elements, not to mention the corrosive materials handled. The company offloads, stores and distributes MAP, DAP, urea, potash and salt, all extremely damaging products to a machine. During the busy season, the machine and belts are running 24/7. If the unit goes down, barges don’t get unloaded. Houses don’t get stocked. Trucks and trains don’t depart with product. That’s bad for business.
The terminal company needed to ensure their productivity. They called on Nyalic. Our professional application team applied Nyalic to every nook and cranny, inside and out, on the machine.  Two coats of clear Nyalic protection. The terminal team was trained how to properly care for their Nyalic-coated machine, further ensuring long-lasting protection.

Now, several years later, the machine has nearly 11,000 hours on it, and it is still going strong. The lead mechanic at the terminal emphatically stated, “even with no cleaning or maintenance, the coating has helped tremendously.”
Moral of the story: steel and fertilizer aren’t friends. They aren’t meant to coexist. However, if you’re going to operate a machine in a harsh environment protect your investment with Nyalic!