At Nyalic®, we constantly strive to improve our products, service, and knowledge to better serve our customers and their incredibly specific needs. We have had tremendous success extending the life of machines operating in highly caustic environments. We have seen machines double their expected life and have been told that residual values are higher. Inspecting these machines in the field from time to time and getting customer feedback is how we have been able to improve our protection system.

One of the most frequent things we find, and hear, is how difficult it is to keep the galvanized and zinc plated components protected and operational. Nuts, bolts, pins and hydraulic fittings take a ton of physical abuse. Not to mention the dissimilar metal issue!  The bigger problem is, when these components fail, you’ve got a down machine on your hands, and that is costly.

In January, the Nyalic team began an experiment. We placed a number of zinc plated bolts in separate trays of Magnesium Chloride, a highly corrosive road deicer. Some bolts were coated with Nyalic, some were not, some had various types of nuts spun onto them and some did not.  

As of July, 6 months into the experiment, the results were self-explanatory. Nyalic works extremely well to protect galvanized and zinc plated metal.

In the picture below, the left bolt was not coated and remained unprotected in the deicer.


The right bolt was coated with Nyalic and received periodic maintenance using our Right Rinse™ and Nyalic aerosols, just as we recommend to our customers that have Nyalic-coated machines.

You can easily achieve this level of protection and life extension of your investments by coating your machines with Nyalic and then simply using our neutralizing soap and Nyalic aerosols for maintenance. Imagine the savings once the lease is up, or the projected value difference at auction. The coating pays for itself many times over!