Rust is caused by the simple combination of oxygen and water, yet it causes billion-dollar damage to the agriculture industry every year. While rust formation is simple in theory, there are many factors that contribute to rust, from atmospheric conditions to elements necessary for farming. Because rust is extremely difficult to prevent and impossible to reverse, rust is one of the biggest threats to farmers and ranchers. Fortunately, you can be the exception with permanent protection from Nyalic’s trusted line of rust-prevention products.

But before you can protect your machinery, equipment, and structures from rust, it’s important to know what exactly you’re battling. Rust comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors — contributing to the difficulty in treatment.


1. Red Rust: You’ve seen red rust by faucets, hoses, and pools of water. Appearing in uniform corrosion, this type of rust is caused by moisture and a contaminant like salt.

2. Yellow Rust: Farmers and ranchers are all-too-familiar with yellow rust, which forms in recessed areas of metal equipment. Caused by puddles of water, this solvated rust appears to run and drip.

3. Brown Rust: Appearing in non-uniform spots, brown rust is caused by contamination during the manufacturing stage. This type of rust is drier than red and yellow rust and is caused by high oxygen and low moisture in the atmosphere.

4. Black Rust: Most common in shaded areas, black rust covers metal with a thin film — almost like a stain. This rust is caused by oxidation in low moisture, where limited oxygen reaches the surface.

While moisture, oxygen, and salt create different types of rust, there are many other factors to rust formation and acceleration. Nyalic protects against them all (you can learn more about it here).


1. Process: Whether it’s cleaning, fabrication, heat treating, machining, or handling, different processes can cause rust to form quickly on agricultural machinery, equipment, and structures. That’s why it’s so important to use a proven product like the Nyalic Corrosive Chemical Protection Kit. This rust-prevention kit is specifically made for material handlers and protects new equipment from corrosion from bare metal oxidation and paint oxidation.

2. Packaging: Packaging metal in acidic materials like non-treated paper can inadvertently trap moisture and initiate the formation of rust. Before packaging any metals, ensure Nyalic Clear Coat Protection has been applied. This water-clear coating will protect any machinery, equipment, or structures from moisture and humidity so rust can’t form during this stage.

3. Atmosphere: Oxygen, humidity, rain, condensation, and other environmental conditions can cause and accelerate rust on farming machinery, equipment, and structures. Nyalic offers a handful of products to protect against atmospheric conditions like harsh weather. From the Nyalic Aerosol Conveyor Kit to the Nyalic Corrosive Chemical Protection Kit for Dozers, you can ensure all your equipment is safe from red, yellow, brown, and red rust.

4. Natural elements: In addition to oxygen and moisture, natural elements like dirt, dust, and salt can initiate and accelerate rust. Nyalic has innovated many products to assist with these naturally-occurring elements, including the Nyalic Wrap for connectors exposed to salt, phosphate, fertilizer, urea, and potash.

5. Animal excrement: Manure and urine from both livestock and wild animals can lead to rust on farms and ranches. To protect your metal from corrosion due to animal waste, use any Nyalic clear-coat product as a permanent solution. Be sure to regularly clean your machinery, equipment, and structures with Nyalic Right Rinse for the best results.

6. Chemical products: Fertilizers and pesticides are essential to agriculture, but these chemical products create high-risk areas for corrosion. Keep your equipment safe with the Nyalic Kit for All Sweepers. Covering up to 1,200ft2  when sprayed, this product is your strongest protection against corrosive chemicals and extreme environments.

Unfortunately, rust isn’t the only threat to equipment and machinery on farms and ranches. Other types of corrosion from chemical reactions can lead to major damage to metals like copper and nickel.


1. Uniform corrosion: Just like it sounds, uniform corrosion completely covers the metal surface it affects. A resin-based corrosion coating like Nyalic will protect uniform corrosion from forming on metal equipment.  

2. Pitting corrosion: Pitting corrosion is extremely destructive, worsened by the fact that it’s difficult to predict, detect, and characterize. When you coat your equipment with Nyalic products like our aerosol cans, you create a protective barrier that inhibits pitting — as well as paint oxidation, metal corrosion, and staining.  

3. Crevice corrosion: Crevice corrosion is caused by a stagnant microenvironment with varied concentrations of ions between two areas of a metal. This corrosion often occurs at low temperatures, so protection is especially crucial in cooler, shaded areas.  

4. Intergranular corrosion: When alloys are depleted or enriched, they can lead to intergranular corrosion along grain boundaries. This often happens due to extremely high temperatures, such as welding. Without proper protection, this corrosion can seriously affect the mechanical properties of various metals.  

5. Stress corrosion cracking: Stress corrosion cracking leads to expansion and contraction of metal. Often caused by rapid temperature changes, this type of corrosion requires professional protection to ensure safety across farms and ranches.

6. Galvanic corrosion: Galvanic corrosion occurs when two electrochemically dissimilar metals come into electrical contact. Engines are prone to galvanic corrosion, but you can protect engine compartments, radiators, inner coolers, and other mechanical connections with the Nyalic Kit for All Skid Steers.  

Nyalic can protect your farming and ranching equipment, machinery, and structures for years to come. Reach out to a Nyalic representative today to see how our team can best help you.