Corrosion is everywhere and ravages all sectors of world economies of which the agriculture industry is not immune. Exposure to various environmental factors can cause even the newest equipment to corrode and rust presenting unique challenges when protecting machinery. Frequently sitting idle, construction equipment and agricultural machinery are exposed to the weather between projects and need to be protected by a clear resin coating that will stand up to harsh environments.

By protecting the surfaces to which they are applied, clear coatings enhance the value of your ag and construction machinery.

Performing at a film thickness as low as five microns, Nyalic® clear coat surface protectant provides excellent rust protection even for components that have been formed or bent following coating. By creating a protective barrier, their nylonic, crystal clear polymeric resin coating encapsulates and seals metal surfaces to prevent damage from chemical, environmental and ultraviolet corrosion.

Nyalic can directly help your ag & construction business by:

  1. Extending equipment life and preserving appearance

  • Nyalic is proven effective in protecting high-value machines that are used to mine, process, transport and package highly aggressive and corrosive chemicals like salt, phosphate, urea, fertilizers, potash and chloride products. Machines coated with Nyalic have been known to actively run for 10+ years.

  • Nyalic seals surfaces from moisture and chemical debris.

  • Nyalic inhibits rust, corrosion, oxidation, staining and paint chalking on radiators, intercoolers, fasteners, hinges, fittings, weld joints and painted surfaces allowing machines to run longer. Nyalic is also non-conductive and static free and is used to protect circuit boards, electrical connections, wiring harnesses, and panels from deteriorating.

  1. Increasing equipment residual and trade-in-value

  • Nyalic stretches equipment use life by multiple years and preserves capital funds by minimizing internal and external corrosion damage.

  • Nyalic's clear polymeric resin coating is used by equipment fleet owners and managers to protect surfaces prone to corrosion related maintenance problems including premature parts replacement.

  • A Nyalic-coated surface is easy to clean, reducing maintenance costs both in products used for cleaning and in labor.

  1. Reducing maintenance downtime & productivity loss

  • Corrosion is a major problem when it comes to premature equipment failure and excessive maintenance expenses. By forming a protective barrier, Nyalic mitigates corrosion related equipment downtime and reduces yearly maintenance expenses. Nyalic encapsulates and seals surfaces to protect against damage caused by acids, mag chloride, calcium chloride, phosphate, cement, salts, lime, fertilizers ammonia and urea to keep your machine up and running for multiple years to come.

Nyalic clear coat surface protectant was originally developed for use in the Apollo command capsules and on the Lunar Rover specifically to protect critical components from harsh environments. Designed to withstand extreme temperatures and UV rays, this clear surface protectant is now used globally in highly moist or corrosive working conditions to provide years of protection against moisture, corrosive chemicals and environments and UV damage on all metals, galvanized, anodized, powder coated and painted surfaces. Nyalic also works well on most plastics and fiberglass and is indefinitely maintainable. The dry film coating remains flexible throughout its life and will not chip, crack, fade peel or yellow.

To learn more about Nyalic, purchase a DIY kit or to schedule an application, please email [email protected] or call 706-253-1920.