The best way to battle rust is prevention. However, it is still possible to stop rust in its tracks by catching it early. Not sure how to combat rust forming on your farm or ranch? Review the questions below.

When does rust start to happen?

Rust can start to form as soon as untreated iron comes in contact with air and water. When this happens, water and iron combine at an atomic level. Over time, this oxidation weakens the bond of the metal. However, you can’t always see rust as it starts to form. While the process can begin immediately, it’s possible you won’t notice the corrosion for days to weeks after the fact.

When you do notice corrosion, you'll likely see red, yellow, black or brown rust stains first. You may also notice cracks, scratches, pits, or bubbles under painted surfaces. If you notice any of these signs, you need professional help from a brand like Nyalic®.

What factors contribute to the acceleration of rust?

Many factors can accelerate the formation of rust. For example, rust will form faster if low-grade steel is used, if the steel is oily or dirty, or if there is a presence of contaminants like salt or rust deposits. Iron can also rust faster in high temperatures or in particularly humid or wet atmospheres.

When does damage from rust become irreparable?

To see how far the rust has gone, be sure to clean the metal in question. Start by degreasing the metal with Nyalic Simple PrepTM. If you’re able to remove surface rust with no problems below, you’re in luck. From here, the name of the game is prevention and maintenance. However, this is not the case if the surface is just the tip of the iceberg.

Once rust permeates the metal, it weakens the bond of the iron itself. This can lead to severe issues, from broken machinery to dangerous equipment and hazardous structures. If rust goes deeper than the surface, causing holes or crevices, it’s time to call it quits and invest in new tools.

What’s the best plan of action for equipment that is already rusting?

There are two basic ways you can remove surface rust from your machinery, equipment, and tools. The first way is with any number of commercially available off-the-shelf chemical rust removers. The second way to remove rust is with a mechanical action like a wire brush, sanding, grinding or sandblasting.

Once the rust is removed the next step is dependent on the condition of the remaining surface. In more aggressive rust removal actions, it may be necessary to prime and repaint the surface. Once the paint is cured to manufacturers specifications, then overcoated with Nyalic® Clearcoat Surface Protectant to seal out moisture, air and corrosive contaminants for long term protection. In less aggressive methods of rust removal, the surface may be in satisfactory condition requiring only a top coating with Nyalic for long term preservation. Our specially designed equipment specific kits are an excellent way for you to apply Nyalic yourself and get professional corrosion protection results.

If you’re not sure how to tackle rusted equipment, give us a call at 706-253-1920. Our team of specialists would be happy to review your needs and offer a custom solution.

What’s the best plan of action for new equipment?

The best plan of action to combat rust is prevention. When you have new metal equipment, machinery, structures, or tools, start your rust prevention plan right away. 

First, utilize our Simple Prep™ to ready your metal for coating. Mentioned above, this biodegradable degreaser is designed to clean metal.

Next, coat your metal and painted surfaces with Nyalic Clear Coat. This hard-coat resin provides permanent protection for all metals, preventing water, dirt and any other corrosive chemicals like salt or fertilizers from reaching the underlying bare metal. Not only does this coating inhibit paint oxidation, corrosion, pitting and staining, but it also won’t yellow, crack, peel or flake.

Finally, keep your metal and paint oxidation-free by using Nyalic Right RinseTM for regular cleaning. This product can also be used to prepare surfaces for coating.

How can I maintain rust-free equipment?

Whether you’ve recovered rusted equipment or prepared brand new surfaces for a coating with Nyalic, it’s important that you prevent any further rust from materializing on your equipment.

One great way to maintain metal is with our Take Care of It Kit created specifically for farmers and ranchers who need to battle rust. The kit includes one Nyalic Clear Coat aerosol can, one quart of Right Rinse, a durable scrub brush and easy-to-follow instructions. By utilizing this kit, you can keep rust at bay and focus on other important needs across your farm or ranch.

Whatever your rust prevention needs are, our team can help. Reach out to us and we’ll help you keep your equipment safe for years to come.