Nyalic aerosol cans are included in some of our DIY kits - either to coat an entire machine or for quick repair touch-ups. This short article shows you 4 easy tips for getting the most out of your product.

1.    No need to shake the can!!

·       Nyalic is a homogenous solution that does not require mixing or stirring.  There is no rattle ball in the can!! Shaking the product can produce air bubbles in the coating.  Do not be alarmed. Leave the bubbles alone; they will settle out.


2.    Hold the can 8-12 inches from what you are coating.

·       Holding the can too close can produce runs or sags. Too far away may cause the Nyalic corrosion inhibitor spray to dry before it hits the surface. Holding the aerosol can 8-12 inches away from the surface you are coating will produce the correct film thickness.


3.    Spray 1 foot per second.

·       Spraying faster can produce too light a coat, and spraying slower can result in too heavy a coat. Keep a wet edge and overlap previous strokes by ¼ of the pattern.

4.    Use the rotating fan pattern nozzle.

·       There is a red nozzle on the blue spray tip that can be rotated in order to spray either vertically or horizontally.  You can rotate the red nozzle easily with a fingernail or a needle nose plier.