• Clear Coat Corrosion Surface Protectant
  • Clear Coat Corrosion Surface Protectant
  • Clear Coat Corrosion Surface Protectant
  • Clear Coat Corrosion Surface Protectant
  • Clear Coat Corrosion Surface Protectant
  • Clear Coat Corrosion Surface Protectant


Nyalic® Product Description / BASIC USE

  • What is it? Nyalic is a water-clear, flexible, hard-coat resin that provides permanent clear coat protection. It is not a wax, paraffin, polish or any other type of sacrificial coating. When properly applied it will not yellow, crack, peel or flake.
  • What does it do? It forms a clear seal to prevent water, dirt and corrosive chemicals from reaching the underlying bare metal or painted surface. The protective barrier inhibits paint oxidation, metal corrosion, pitting and staining caused by external attacks.
  • Where is it used? Nyalic is suited for commercial and industrial equipment working in or in close proximity to highly corrosive chemicals like salt, fertilizer, phosphate and potash. Nyalic is also used in marine, transportation and architectural markets to protect from harsh environments, extend operating life and increase residual value of mission critical assets.
clear coat protectant
clear coat protectant

How does Nyalic® help my business?

  • Extends equipment productive life
  • Preserves residual value of leased equipment
  • Maximizes potential resale value
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Reduces machine downtime, lost production, lost labor hours

How? Nyalic's flexible hard-coat resin forms a permanent protective barrier that:

  • Seals out moisture
  • Blocks corrosive chemicals from direct contact with the underlying surface
  • Is non-conductive
  • Has no effect on heat transfer, does not create heat build up
  • Is thermally stable from below 0°F to 350°F
  • Mitigates galvanic corrosion caused by dissimilar metals
  • Is easily repaired in the field using Nyalic aerosols for touchups
  • Is highly U.V. resistant

Extends Equipment Life And Preserves Appearance


  • Wiring harnesses
  • Panels
  • Connectors
  • Electronics & PC boards
  • Engine Bay


  • Fans
  • Radiators
  • Inner coolers
  • Chillers
  • Connections/fittings


  • Engines & Transmissions
  • Body, panels, arms, booms & sticks
  • Welds, leading edges, hinges
  • Fasteners


  • Metal Roof
  • Exterior & Interior Panels
  • Decorative pieces/trim

Nyalic is proven for a range of surfaces:

  • Metal (including stainless steel, copper, bronze, aluminum)
  • Anodized metals
  • Galvanized metals
  • Chromed metals
  • Painted surfaces
  • Polished, milled or brushed finishes
  • Fiberglass or plastic
  • Electrical connections
  • Mechanical connections
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